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If you try your best to be healthy - eating kale, meditating, and reading endless health blogs - but still don't feel better, you've come to the right place! 

We have infinte respect for women who have "tried eveything" and seen multiple practitoners, but know that something is still wrong, and refuse to settle.

We specialize in supporting women through a lab-guided, holistic one-on-one coaching program that we call Restore Your Radiance.

Our modern world is teeming with toxins & stressors, and it can be hard to restore your hormonal balance once it gets disrupted. Read on to learn how we are different & how we can help.

Our Unique Approach

If this is your first time meeting us, we are Women's Wellness Collaborative, and our name reflects what we value most. We work exclusively with women's health, and we take a collabortive approach.  

In our coaching program, this means you get two practitioners on your case! You'll have a main clinician, and a second research and support person; there is no other program like this. No stone is left unturned in finding your root cause of imbalance and identifying the right protcol to restore you.

We do not guess at what your issue may be, but rather carefully review your health history, past labs and past protocols, and then order the most cutting-edge lab tests as needed to clearly identify what needs to be addressed.

The protocol we develop will address diet, exercise, lifestyle, mindset and supplementation. We are right there with you to tweak as needed if you don't tolerate an herb or can't figure out what to cook! 

Three Steps to Restore your Radiance
Lightbulb Moments

Step 1: Lightbulb Moments

When you start to get why you’ve been feeling so bad, it’s awesome. It’s validating and satisfying, and it gives you hope. We love to see you have lightbulb moments, when you connect the dots of your own health history. This first step is a Spark Case Review with us. (Read more about it below.)

If you decide to continue with the coaching program after your Spark Case Review, you’ll get more light bulb moments as we do a deep review of your history and lab results.

Crystal Clear Plan

Step 2: Crystal-Clear Plan

When you try to self-diagnose, you get muddled. You end up buying tons of supplements, not knowing if they're even helping. Then you give up and feel guilty for wasting time and money. The same feeling of disappointment happens when you hop from practitioner to practitioner, without getting the results you wanted.  

When utilizing the tools of functional lab testing, you can identify imbalances clearly. When following a clear plan, you can adjust as needed based on careful observation. It just works.

Step 3 Restore Your Radiance

Step 3: Restore Your Radiance

We don’t just want you to get a little better, we want you to get back to your best self. This isn’t just about you ‘not having cramps’ or even ‘getting pregnant’. This is about you being able to be the person you want to be, and do the things you want to do. What does that look like for you?

In this step, you’ll live your healing protocol, making adjustments to your diet, lifestyle and mindset as needed to move back into balance. Your coach will help you along the way, so you can keep moving towards your goal.

Make Your First Move

The first step is a Spark Case Review. We designed this mini session to meet you where you're at, and likely that's wanting to know where to go next. In your Spark Case Review, you'll have:

  • A dedicated 15-minute session with Functional Nutrition Coach Bridgit Danner
  • We'll discuss your health goals, and what you tried so far
  • We'll talk about your health history, including any traumas or shocks that could have thrown you off
  • From this, we’ll be able to recommend the specific next steps best for you, including whether our programs might be a fit for you or whether there are other specific experts you may want to look up.

What this is, and what it's not:

  • This is a simple phone call, so you can be anywhere. (Or if you live outside the USA, we'll call you on Skype.)
  • This is a chance to talk to a women's health expert, one-on-one, about your own health. It is the first step toward our in-depth coaching programs.
  • This is not a sales call. We'll help you make your best next step, whether it's with us or not. If we feel another resource, such a local gynecologist or colleague of ours, is a better choice for you right now, we'll refer you to resources as best we can.
  • This is not a call to get an immediate treatment protocol. We are simply helping you investigate options.

Schedule Spark Case Review

What We Help

  • Hormone Imbalance - in menstrual issues, infertility, perimenopause, or post-menopause
  • Low Sex Drive
  • Fatigue - from adrenal issues, thyroid issues or unknown
  • Anxiety
  • Brain Fog 
  • Insomnia
  • Digestive Complaints - including IBS, constipation, SIBO, gut infections
  • Can't Lose Weight
  • Weakened Immunity or Autoimmunity 
  • Mold toxicity 

Who Are We?

About Bridgit:

Bridgit has been practicing acupuncture since 2004 and functional health coaching since 2012. She has performed over 12,000 treatments and manages a staff of ten at her integrative health clinic in Portland, OR. 

Bridgit has worked with many career women and busy moms, from their 20s to their 40s, on issues of infertility, PMS, heavy periods, anxiety and overwhelm. She loves to look at whole picture of a woman's life, and has found that addressing the stress of a dead-end job or an uncommunicated feeling is often as important as finding the right herb or supplement. 

Having experienced mold toxicity through her water-damaged home, Bridgit has a rare expertise in this area as well.  

She is the founder of Women's Wellness Collaborative and a graduate of the Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Program, where she met Ann Melin. 

Bridgit Danner

About Ann:

Ann Melin is a certified Holistic Health Practitioner, Clinical Nutritionist, a Clinical Master Herbalist, and a Functional Diagnostic Nutrition® Practitioner, and has been in the field of health since 2001. We are extremely blessed to have her as the first health consultant for Women’s Wellness Collaborative as she has extensive experience in running labs and creating holistic protocols based on the principles of functional nutrition.  

 Ann excels at addressing hormone imbalances from puberty to post-menopause. She is also skilled at correcting digestive imbalances and working with thyroid imbalance. Ann has worked with clients all over the world, and mentored many functional nutrition students.

She is currently a Master of Science candidate in Marriage and Family Therapy with a specialization in Trauma and Crisis Counseling.

Ann Melin photo

Your Next Best Step

We encourage you to sign up for a Spark Case Review

It’s a small step in that it’s free, so no there’s no big commitment. 

It’s a bold step, because we know what it’s like to be paralyzed in 

ITES (I’ve Tried Everything Syndrome). 

We appreciate your trust in taking this step with us.


Bridgit Danner, LAc, FDNP, Founder of Women’s Wellness Collaborative

Schedule Spark Case Review

Questions? To receive more information about our specific programs, we invite you to schedule a Spark Case Review or send us a client inquiry form. We would love to hear from you!

Work With Us

My experience with the Women's Wellness Collaborative has been amazing! I have been working on getting to the root of my health issues for years but deep-down I knew that I was missing pieces of the puzzle. Working with Ann and Bridgit, we have found those pieces and are putting the puzzle together by treating these previously uncovered issues.

Ann and Bridgit are very knowledgeable in their fields but, more importantly, they are caring and compassionate care-givers, who are respectful of the knowledge you have of your own body and ideas that you have about what might be going on. If you are looking to "collaborate" with care-givers to optimize your health, then I whole-heartedly recommend working with Ann & Bridgit. ~ A.F.  

"This program has been extremely helpful in identifying and beginning to address issues I've been dealing with for years. I've been to many doctors and tried to self-diagnose. But Ann and Bridgit were able to help me hone in on specific problems. Some were easy to address (low vitamin D, explaining my lack of energy). 

Others were surprising- I knew my hormones were out of balance, but the DUTCH test revealed a lot more information than any test I've ever had and revealed that my hormones were in fact out of balance, but not in the ways that previous doctors had assumed. Ann also helped me realize that my gut is a huge source of problems for me and has helped me to restore balance. I still have work to do, but I feel a million times better than I did before I started the program and my family is so grateful for the program because they feel like they got me back" ~Marianne  

I've had a long lifetime of being sick and "figuring out" what is wrong with me. Being a Holisitic Health Coach myself, and looking up to both practitioners, I jumped at the chance to work with them. I was happy to go through the protocol to get to the root cause of my issue. I had ended up having SIBO which had never been a diagnosis for me. 

Finding that out was so helpful for me to start truly healing my body. It also gave me a very eye-opening insight to why I haven't gotten pregnant. I feel happy knowing where I'm going with my health and confident moving forward. I would actually do another program right away to keep the momentum going. Thanks Ann and Bridgit. ~Jaclyn